Q: I can't login/I can’t remember my password 
A: Please try resetting your password on the forgotten password tab. This will send you an email with a link to reset your password. Alternatively, if you are logged in, you can do this from the my account page. 

Q: I've tried resetting my password but I have not received any emails 
A: Please check your spelling for accuracy. If the issue persists, it’s like that you do not have an active account on our system under that email address. Please try registering using your details again.

Q: I have not received any emails 
A: Please check your junk/spam folders, whilst we do everything we can to try to ensure that our outgoing emails land in your inbox, some networks and firewalls can be very restrictive and automatically assume these are spam.  

Q: I have entered my password incorrectly more than 5 times, and it says I am blocked 
A: Our systems have a lock-out system in place to stop brute-force attempts to log in,  which limits the number of incorrect attempts an account can receive within a defined period of time. If you have locked your account, this will automatically unlock itself within 6 hours, however, if you need to gain access as a matter of urgency please contact the support team at, with the email address you have registered on, a link to the website you are trying to access and a message to request unblocking your account, and we will resolve for you. 

Q: I don't have an account on this platform 
A: Please register a new account on the user registration page, please check you have completed all required fields and entered a valid email address. 

Q: I can't see the video 
A: This is likely a web browser issue, our streams will work on the majority of newer browsers, however, older browsers such as Internet Explorer are widely unsupported for live video streaming. If you are allowed to install a different web browser such as Google Chrome or Firefox, please try one of these instead. 

Q: The video has no sound 
A: Please check your audio levels on your machine first. You can use this website to test if your device is currently playing sound; ( If this test was successful, it is likely an issue with the sound level for the stream itself.